A grey weathered suitcase

As everyone welcomes the arrival of Spring I find myself meticulously packing my winter wardrobe into a little grey suitcase, anticipating the cool Autumn weather that awaits us in the UK. After what seemed like a decade away, the HAL UK tour has crept up on us suddenly and is about to take off in less than a week… Full speed ahead! Rehearsals kick off on Wednesday & then we wave goodbye to Sydney as the UK becomes our home for the next 6 weeks. As the newest member of the cast, I’m looking forward to officially getting my onitsuka tigers dirty, running around inside a giant blackboard, spinning walls around, playing with chalk & crash mats and dancing to wicked tunes!

I can’t wait to spend some time with the HAL cast and crew in new surroundings and environments – but for now, my task at hand is to pack light and squeeze my wardrobe into a little weathered grey suitcase! … Luckily my suitcase has an extendable compartment! See you in the UK… Melanie.