Smooth Sailing around the UK


well we have been here for a few weeks now and everything is going really well!
despiteĀ a shaky start in australia finding out our flight had been cancelled, its all been relatively smooth sailing.

we started in oxford which was absolutely beautiful and i indulged my newest fantasy of being a genuine aristocrat on the day we took a cruise down the thames to abingdon.
from oxford was northampton where we had some unfortunate fainting incidents, but the team really rallied together to pull off a great show. but thankfully jana is back onboard now and the team can perform together again.

from northampton was nottingham, another beautiful city. i have to admit that ive been a robin hood fan ever since kevin costner brought him to life in the prince of thieves. as a child i used to re enact that movie on my farm. i was secretly hoping to visit sherwood forest, but unfortunately our busy schedule did not allow it. i did make it to nottingham castle though, so that was fun. very beautiful gardens.actually that seems to be a running theme in most places ive seen here. attention to horticultural detail. thanks england.

now we are in truro, and yes like the other cities its beautiful. im working on a descriptive word for the places i am seeing, but so far haven’t found the right one. i think while im here ill be sure to eat a pasty and i have been told that this is the fish and chip capital of the world. we are yet to perform here, but if truro is like any of the other places we have been, they will hopefully enjoy the show.

well thats all from me for now. have a great day and i’ll update you again in the future.