The dancers visit Old Trafford!

Shaun Parker Company at Old Trafford

Happy as Larry dancers try on some new shirts


The all new Manchester United line-up

Shaun has a day out in Brighton, with Claire and Anne from Dance Touring Partnership

Brighton Pier

Claire from Dance Touring Partnership and Shaun Parker show off their new hair styles!

Brighton Bucking Broncos!

Choreographer Shaun Parker tries out the local attractions!

Time Flies!

Wow, four cities already! Time flies when you are having fun. We’re well an truly into our third week ‘on the road’. Currently in beautiful and sunny Truro, home of those world famous pasties.

Everyone in the UK has made us feel so welcome and it is a joy to be performing here. Next stop is Poole, where I look forward to exploring the sites and sounds as well as dance in the local The Lighthouse Theatre. That’s all from me for now…. Til next time.


A day off in Truro

Wow! on to our fourth venue and the tour is flying by. we’re all working very hard and i think it’s showing in the performances. The audiences have all been very supportive which only encourages us to reach higher!

I’m enjoying the post show discussions, so much so that i make a point of wearing one of my own T-shirt designs to each one. I particularly appreciate the questions from people of the audience with whom we’ve just shared the last 75mins and the way it opens a dialogue.

The beauty of live performance lies in the active, two-way engagement of people in shared space and time. When performing, i see the audience, which affects my performance and so it becomes a discussion much more so than other broadly cast forms of experience. we’ve still got a lot of ground to cover so hopefully we perform somewhere close to you and we can chat after the show!!


Thanks England!  


Smooth Sailing around the UK


well we have been here for a few weeks now and everything is going really well!
despite a shaky start in australia finding out our flight had been cancelled, its all been relatively smooth sailing.

we started in oxford which was absolutely beautiful and i indulged my newest fantasy of being a genuine aristocrat on the day we took a cruise down the thames to abingdon.
from oxford was northampton where we had some unfortunate fainting incidents, but the team really rallied together to pull off a great show. but thankfully jana is back onboard now and the team can perform together again.

from northampton was nottingham, another beautiful city. i have to admit that ive been a robin hood fan ever since kevin costner brought him to life in the prince of thieves. as a child i used to re enact that movie on my farm. i was secretly hoping to visit sherwood forest, but unfortunately our busy schedule did not allow it. i did make it to nottingham castle though, so that was fun. very beautiful gardens.actually that seems to be a running theme in most places ive seen here. attention to horticultural detail. thanks england.

now we are in truro, and yes like the other cities its beautiful. im working on a descriptive word for the places i am seeing, but so far haven’t found the right one. i think while im here ill be sure to eat a pasty and i have been told that this is the fish and chip capital of the world. we are yet to perform here, but if truro is like any of the other places we have been, they will hopefully enjoy the show.

well thats all from me for now. have a great day and i’ll update you again in the future.


A grey weathered suitcase

As everyone welcomes the arrival of Spring I find myself meticulously packing my winter wardrobe into a little grey suitcase, anticipating the cool Autumn weather that awaits us in the UK. After what seemed like a decade away, the HAL UK tour has crept up on us suddenly and is about to take off in less than a week… Full speed ahead! Rehearsals kick off on Wednesday & then we wave goodbye to Sydney as the UK becomes our home for the next 6 weeks. As the newest member of the cast, I’m looking forward to officially getting my onitsuka tigers dirty, running around inside a giant blackboard, spinning walls around, playing with chalk & crash mats and dancing to wicked tunes!

I can’t wait to spend some time with the HAL cast and crew in new surroundings and environments – but for now, my task at hand is to pack light and squeeze my wardrobe into a little weathered grey suitcase! … Luckily my suitcase has an extendable compartment! See you in the UK… Melanie.

23kg per person

Well it is just over 1 week until we leave for the UK.
The dancers are madly packing their bags and deciding what clothes to take for a 6 week trip.
Only 23 kg per person-it is all in the art of the lightest suitcase you can find.
If anyone has any tips here-we would love to hear from you!! 

Google tracking says our set is somewhere near Russia..not long now till our revolving magical wall hits England and we kick off this awesome tour. For many of our company this will be a first time in the UK- so we are looking forward to the low down on what places to go and hang out.

Many of the dancers are keen music lovers-we’d love some tips on cool UK bands to listen to in the Happy as Larry tour bus!!

Only ten more sleeps till we hit Oxford!! See you all soon-

Olivia x