Natural beauties and adventures

Hello my name is Dean Cross, and I am one of the nine performer’s appearing in Shaun Parker’s ‘Happy as Larry’. I am pretty excited about the tour as I have never been to the UK before. I am certainly looking forward to exploring its natural beauties.

‘Happy as Larry’ will be a fun show to tour as there are so many of us involved, so lots of friends to hang out with and share adventures with. Only a few weeks to go now, and I’m certainly looking forward to kicking off the performances at Oxford. It’s a long tour with lots of venues that will all hopefully be as exciting as the next.

Anyway, thats all for now. But as things progress I’m sure I will have more to talk about.

Stay tuned.

Just over a month away

Just over a month away now until the cast and crew of Happy as Larry touch down in the UK. The set is half way across the Indian ocean and final preps back home are under way- rehearsals, costume fittings and double checking all our props and equipment!
For many of the artists, it will be their first time to the UK, whilst others have previously performed on the Dance Touring Partnership circuit-and can’t wait to return!
We are really looking forward to meeting you all throughout the tour-keep an eye out for dance workshops we are offering in tandem with many of the seasons.
If you haven’t already, check out the EP by Aussie electro-acoustic composers Nick Wales and Bree Van Reyk from the show.  
See you soon!
Olivia x

Electric Blue Tights

My name’s Miranda, I dance the role of the ‘Mediator’ in Happy as Larry. Just starting to get excited about the upcoming UK tour, dusting off my electric blue tights (costume), re-watching the show on DVD, re-thinking through my character. We’ve still got a little while to go but I believe our set is not far off setting sail to England, bon voyage big black box!!

At the moment I am touring a dance show to regional and outback Australian towns with an Indian tabla player (the Tabla is a magnificent Indian drum). Looking forward to how we with be received in Tamworth “Australia’s Country Music Capital.” The rest of the HAL cast are spread all over the country – globe – working on various shows and projects. Can’t wait to see everybody for rehearsals before we hit the road – the skies, I mean, it’s a long flight – we generally have a lot of fun together.

I’m currently enjoying a bit of Google research on the places we’ll be visiting. What’s the weather like in sept/oct? Poole tourism website is exhibiting ladies in bikinis, but I’m suspicious…..I’m from Sydney, I’ll pack them just in case. It does say Poole is on “the coast with the most.” The Northamptonshire website offers me a picture of the River Nene to download, saying ” if you can’t have a picnic on its banks – put it on your desktop,” I shall endeavour to picnic on the Nene instead. Website says Nottinghamshire is “England’s green and pleasant land,” surely it’s more than just green and pleasant? Sherwood Forest? Robin Hood?

Least looking forward to: the itty bitty tartan skirt that I wear in the show – see above photo – youch!! Electric-blue tights…..I’m warming to.

More to come…….