• There is no specific thing which makes me happy, seeing other people happy, feeling as if I’ve acheived something, spending time with me family, the list goes on:-)

    Niamh, 27th October 2011

  • Dancing

    Nina, 25th October 2011

  • Seeing other people happy :-)

    Jacqueline Oliver, 25th October 2011

  • Being able to express my emotions through dance

    gemma, 23rd October 2011

  • The Voluntary work I do makes me happy.

    Ian Holloway, 21st October 2011

  • Handing my husband a brand new XBox because he had to sell his to help pay for us to move. Love him, he does everything for me and giving him an new XBox would make his gorgeous face light up :-)

    Sher Christopher, 19th October 2011

  • life as a whole!!

    chelsea callaway, 18th October 2011

  • Discovering something new which compliments what I already know and like; broadening my horizon and moving the boundary of my comfort zone. Growth.

    Hamilton Ford, 17th October 2011

  • Watching Happy as Larry last night made me very happy

    Chris George, 15th October 2011

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