• Dancing sleeping and watching movies in bed !!!!!

    SIMONE SIMONE, 13th October 2011

  • Being healthy and alive with choices – choices of where to go next and who to see next

    Lynne Lester-George, 13th October 2011

  • the feeling I get when I’m snorkelling..my body supported by the water, floating above the abyss with fish all around me. It is awesome.!

    Kraig Thornber, 12th October 2011

  • My granddaughter’s giggles; not creaking when I get out off bed (all too frequent these days!); my husband’s dancing (has to be seen to be believed – so funny); cuddles (not fussy who with!); anything with fat calories and alcohol in!!!

    Lizzie Mason, 11th October 2011

  • Simple things such as someone smiling at you as they pass you in the street.

    Aimee Haydock, 11th October 2011

  • being with my animals, riding my horses and long country walks with my dog.

    Ottis Haines, 11th October 2011

  • Dancing makes me happy.

    Tomas Brennan, 8th October 2011

  • When my 4 year old nephew gives me his chocolate when i haven’t even asked for it !

    Vanessa Kirby, 6th October 2011

  • meeting friends going to mckennas for tapas , then seeing a wonderfully different and thought provoking show at northern stage

    maureen houghton, 6th October 2011

  • Being with loves ones, dancing, eating, shopping and enjoying life.

    Delicia, 6th October 2011

  • getting older and realising what isn’t worth worrying about

    Jayne Wood, 5th October 2011

  • Sunshine, my family and a little secret dancing in my front room.

    Carole Pelling, 4th October 2011

  • Recognising fleeting moments of deep quiet within.

    Cath Laffan, 3rd October 2011

  • Being totally absorbed in an activity – any activity!

    Rebecca Abbott, 29th September 2011

  • Making music with other people and it working without anyone knowing why

    Anna Rathbone, 28th September 2011

  • Family together, chocolate and wine, music and laughter – and sunshine a’plenty!

    Naomi Shaw, 27th September 2011

  • Seeing my grandchildren enjoy themselves dancing in the living room to Michael Jacksons music!

    sandy waugh, 27th September 2011

  • Making others happy makes me happy – oh and chocolate.

    George Walters, 25th September 2011

  • life

    catherine cooper, 25th September 2011

  • watching amazing dance piece as they inspire me and remind my why i work so hard

    amy lindop, 24th September 2011

  • Seeing that my children are happy makes me happy. Being in nature away from the city, seeing natural beauty, its good for the soul. Music and dancing makes me happy and lifts my spirits. Linking people together makes me happy and gives me a buzz!

    beth Hanna, 23rd September 2011

  • Laughing with my family <3 and my dogs face when he sees chocolate buttons!!

    Natalie Jennings, 22nd September 2011

  • Going to the theatre, not really sure what to expect, and to come bouncing out having been reminded exactly why you love it so!

    Nicky Whilde, 20th September 2011

  • other than an xbox Kinect and Dance Central game… going home to Cornwall, a surf in the morning and boogie in the evening- with ale

    Ian Cross, 20th September 2011

  • My mom and my little sister are the two most special people to me, it makes me happy when i see them smiling. iv saved up my money for two years to take them away on a little holiday and when i told them the picture of there faces lighting up will stay in my head and make me happy for a very long time:)

    carly-zia davis, 20th September 2011

  • What it makes me so happy is to know that tomorrow will be Friday!!! Such a feel good feeling!!! And then the day after feels even bigger, like, IT’S FRIDAY!!! Best feeling in the world and it really makes me feel happy!! I am sure this makes everyone happy, well, maybe not so much to people who works on saturdays…

    Jorge, 19th September 2011

  • Great food!
    Food is the lowest common denominator for people of all creeds and cultures. There are few things better than filling your belly with scrumptious delights alongside great people.

    Jack, 19th September 2011

  • when I go into my son’s bedroom in the morning and he gives me a big smile and says ‘I feel so happy today’ (he is 20, severely disabled with cerebral palsy ).

    jane muir, 18th September 2011

  • I have a good laugh, I am going to the Orpheus Centre. It’s a yummy feeling. Going on holiday. Or to London. Having a hug. my dog makes me happy. I like to cuddle her put my face into her fur. I like going to sleep after my day I am looking forward to get to sleep. Seeing friends. Meringues. Cottage pie. When my dad knocked on my door and he picked me up. Going to places with mum. Going swimming. Going to a football match. I enjoy music on the radio. I can sing along to the words. Going to see fireworks. dancing in my wheelchair. waterfalls – big ones – watching the water going down into the river.

    rafael muir, 18th September 2011

  • Hugs, Sunshine, Cold Beer, more hugs

    Pamela Ramsay, 18th September 2011

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