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  • Saw the show last night at Northern Stage we were all BLOWN AWAY it was breathtaking can’t wait till they tour again. BRILLIANT

    Darren A Young, 23rd October 2011

  • I saw the show last night (19th Oct) at The Lowry, Salford. It was a complete breath of fresh air, I was riveted from start to finish. I could have sworn it was only 30mins long! I really wish I had booked early enough to bring a group of my students because they would have adored it. So vibrant, full of life, humorous and invigorating. I literally do not have enough positive things to say about ‘Happy As Larry’!

    Adam Calvert, 20th October 2011

  • WOW. What a show! Saw it 2nd night in Warwick & it hasn’t left me yet. I don’t think it will. Physical Perfection. Your tour is too short I want everyone I know, to feel the vibrancy and the awesome visual art that your movements produced. Stunningly inventive, funny and tender. I drove home feeling very happy. Safe in the knowledge that I had been privelidged to see something very powerful and very very special. Thank you.

    Lynne, 8th October 2011

  • Just arrived back from Poole Lighthouse. A great theatrical experience from start to finish, that will last long in the memory.

    brian saxon, 1st October 2011

  • My friend Megan and her family and I came to watch your show and we all massively enjoyed it! You were all spectacular and the choreography was brilliant! We also went to the workshop the next day and you were lovely, friendly people and very inspiring to work with so a massive thank you for that! We hope you enjoy the rest of your tour in England and well done :)

    Lauren, 1st October 2011

  • I saw the show in Truro. A small audience, I feel better publicity would have produced more although the price for just over one hour may have put people off as we are used to 3 short works and two intervals making more of an evening out.
    Very inventive show with ideas I had not seen before, using drawing, roller skates and a ball. Action packed and very well performed. Some of the music was too loud for me near the end. I was a bit disappointed because having read the blurb I expected more of the 9 types and I could not work out who was who and see I got some wrong on reading the education download. As I thought this is the product of workshops sessions and seemed a bit like these strung together, just lacked something in the way of reflection, but it flowed well with different styles used in an integrated way. Lovely moving part with the roller skater and the woman. An enthusiastic audience roar but I couldn’t hear anyone discussing it afterwards, felt a bit bombarded, impressed by energy and technique and amused at times. Why so much group stuff in unison? Worth seeing.

    Mary Fletcher, 29th September 2011

  • i thought the show was brilliant. amazing how they merged types of dance together. Really enjoyed watching it. (oxford playhouse, 16th sept 2011)

    Aine Buller, Marlborough School, 25th September 2011

  • Oxford Playhouse – 17 Sept 2011. Such a wonderful show, came out grinning fom ear to ear and coldn’t wait to tell everyone to go see it, its brilliant fun.

    Anna, 23rd September 2011

  • Happy as Larry was truly amazing. The choreography was so good! The fast, flawless dancing was intense and over-whelming. Also, the odd bit of humor made it fantastic! Marlborough School.

    Amy Davis, 21st September 2011

  • I was just fortunate to sneak a peek at the cast of the show rehearsing in Northampton. Audiences are in for a treat. What a wonderful group of people, not only do they move with such beauty and grace but they are a charming and comical bunch. Cannot wait to see the show tonight!

    James Parker, 21st September 2011

  • i really enjoyed watching dean with the chalk drawings as they were very funny and engaging :)
    The Marlborough School.

    Ellie Love, 21st September 2011

  • Loved the show never new chalk and danse went together so well. Oxford playhouse 16th september.

    Chloe Calkin, 20th September 2011

  • happy as larry was really good, and the choreography was amazing! really inspiring and would defiantly watch it again. Marlborough School

    Imogen, 20th September 2011

  • happy as Larry was the best dance performance that I have seen in 15 years. It was refreshing in it’s saturation of real beauty rather than projected beauty. The movement was fluid, enagaging and had breathed originality into older forms. the punctuation of the structure with the background and the styles of performance were outstanding as was the relationship of the dancers to each other and the audience. at last a company that danced with alive eyes. Thank you so much. I went home, put on music and danced myself silly.
    Oxford Playhouse Sept 11

    Emma Webb, 20th September 2011

  • Happy as Larry is a flawless performance with good high action. The dancing was choreographed very well with flawless dancing. I enjoyed the performance very much, highly recommended.
    The Marlborough School.

    Megan Sulley, 19th September 2011

  • Great to see dance/physical theatre with such a sense of style, creativity and wit.

    Audience Member @ Oxford Playhouse, 19th September 2011

  • Fantastic show. So much talent! Well done to each of you. Great Great show!!

    Audience Member @ Oxford Playhouse, 19th September 2011

  • Awesome!!! You must be exhausted.

    Sophie aged 9 @ Oxford Playhouse, 19th September 2011

  • Amazing! You couldn’t take your eyes off it.

    Elly Bailey @ Oxford Playhouse, 19th September 2011

  • Brilliant show, first Shaun Parker show I’ve seen but it wont be the last.

    Audience Member @ Oxford Playhouse, 19th September 2011

  • I thought it was well choreographed performance! I loved every second.
    Olivia aged 14
    Oxford Playhouse

    cbell, 19th September 2011

  • The show was colourful, fast, energetic, funny and fantastic to see live! Music was great. Loved the roller-skating. Looking forward to seeing it again when it comes to London.

    Tiffany, 19th September 2011

  • Incredible physicality coupled with subtlety of tone: inspired and inspiring. (Oxford Playhouse, 16th Sept 2011)

    Jeff Pelling, Marlborough School, 18th September 2011

  • Can’t wait to see these guys in London!

    raf, 17th September 2011

  • Really enjoyed Happy as Larry. Many beautiful moments.

    Hans, 16th September 2011