Creative Team


Anton, Jana Castillo, Matt Cornell, Dean Cross, Robbie Curtis, Ghenoa Gela, Melanie Palomares, Adam Synnott, Joshua Thomson, Miranda Wheen


Nick and Bree began their musical collaboration in 2004 as members of the critically acclaimed musical ensemble CODA.  In 2008 they composed and performed the score for Shaun Parker’s Love Installment for Sydney Dance Company and they have also worked together on a number of film and television projects.

Nick collaborated with Shaun in his 2007 work, This Show Is About People. He was musical director and co-composer for the Vivid Festival’s Firewater event, founding member of CODA creating countless scores for theatre, film and television.

Bree is composing King Lear for Bell Shakespeare directed by Marion Potts. Her performance career includes collaborations with Synergy Percussion, Holly Thorsby, Darren Hanlon and The Rebel Astronauts.